The TX3-WRT-2H transmitter is used with the TX3-WRR-22 for long-range access control for community and parking gates.


  • Mircom’s wireless communications are based upon a secure, digital, anti-playback routine, and rolling code, which reduces the risk of code sniffing and unauthorized duplication
  • A robust weatherized design features hard plastic buttons, a reliable lithium battery and potted modules
  • Transmitters include an integrated red LED, used to indicate both positive button press and battery strength
  • Transmitter times-out* automatically when button is held down continuously to prevent battery drain and potential interference with other transmitters
  • Transmitter will turn on again only after the button is released and depressed again
  • To enroll, simply double click the Transmitter when in range of the Receiver – no DIP switches required
  • Compact design allows the Transmitters to be carried on a key chain, worn on a lanyard, or adhered to a flat surface, such as vehicle’s dashboard using Velcro®, for convenient gate access The two piece unit makes it simple to replace the battery and snap it back together
  • Receiver has two channels which enables two overhead doors or gates to be controlled from one receiver
  • Weather Resistant Receiver housing enables the receiver to be mounted outdoors


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