The EDWARDS Cat. No. 278B/279B series noncoded fire alarm
stations are contemporary styled Lexan stations and are flexibly
designed to meet a wide variety of application requirements and
operational sequences.
The Cat. No. 278B series are double action stations with terminals
for field wiring connections.
The Cat. No. 279B series are double action stations with six inch
(150mm) wire leads for field wiring connections.
All types can be either presignal or general alarm and are available
with single or double pole alarm contacts which can be normally
open, normally closed or a combination of both. Either a key or
tool (depending on station selected) is required to reset mecha
nism. See specification chart for specific catalog numbers and
For semi flush mounting use a standard North-American four inch
square box with a single gang plaster cover having an overall
minimum depth of 2-1/4 inch (57mm). For surface mounting use a
Cat. No. 276B-RSB surface back box.
Double action models
Single or double pole contacts
Terminals or wire leads for field connections
Presignal or general alarm operation
Key lock or tool reset
Break glass operation
Surface or semi flush mounting
Red finish
Contemporary styling
Rugged LEXAN construction
Latch action until reset