Bypass Door/Window (DW40)

The Future of residential home security and home management is NOW!

The Bypass Door/Window Contact is designed for use on doors that may need to be temporarily bypassed to serve as an entry and exit path to an armed zone.

There is a discreet hidden push button integrated to the top of the case that allows a user to activate the bypass feature—to open and close the door once without having to disarm the alarm panel. A special coded message is sent to compatible receivers that can log this local user bypass event. An integrated LED indicates to the user, the state and status of the bypass feature. For higher security, the bypass push button can be disabled and the contact can be used as a micro sized door window contact without the local bypass feature. A message is sent when the magnet is moved away from the contact and another message is sent when the magnet is replaced near the contact again. It communicates with a 2GIG control panel at the 345Mhz frequency. The contact is equipped with a cover tamper to notify the user if the device has been tampered with. (2GIG GC2 panel firmware version 1.14 or higher is required to log the bypass activity.)


  • Wireless signal range: 275 ft (80 m) with 2GIG Panel
  • Code outputs: alarm; alarm restore; supervisory; low battery; tamper; tamper restore; local bypass enabled*; local bypass disabled*
  • Transmitter frequency: 345.00 MHz (crystal controlled)
  • Unique ID Codes: over one (1) million different code combinations
  • Supervisory interval: 70 minutes

*Local bypass code output messages are logged only on receivers with updated software supporting this feature

Model Number: 2GIG-DW40-345

DesignLine Slim Door/Window Sensors

Small, wireless design for the highest level of intrusion protection

DL_Door Window Sensors

Using the DesignLine Door/Window Sensor, alarm systems can be easily installed and provide the highest level of intrusion protection available for a home or business. These sensors monitor doors, windows, cabinets or anything that opens and closes.

  • Low Profile Design Gives Sleek Modern Look; Fits in Any Home or Business
  • Wireless Technology is Easier and Less Costly to Install; Safer because of Flexible Placement
  • Advanced Circuit Technology Supplies Robust Function w/Low Current Draw
  • Compatible w/All Interlogix® 319.5 MHz Control Panels and Receivers
  • Functions at Open-air Distances of Up to 500′
  • Runs on Lithium Coin Cell Battery w/Typical Life of 5 Years
  • Tamper-resistant Case Inhibits Tampering and Improves Security and Durability
  • External Contact Header Allows Connection of an External Hardwire Contact

Wireless Door/Window Sensors

With a 10+ year maximum life battery and advanced circuit design, the wireless door/window sensor provides effective security that’s easy to set up. Two-axis sensing and wireless technology make installation simple, even in tight spaces. The door/window sensor also features an optimized internal antenna design to increase range performance. Designed to monitor doors, windows, cabinets or virtually anything that opens, these sensors are compatible with new and existing Interlogix systems.
  • 10+ Year Maximum Life Battery for Fewer Changes and Callbacks
  • Two-Axis Sensing Allows Easy Mounting in Tight Spaces
  • Optimized Internal Antenna Design Increases Range Performance
  • Advanced Circuit Design Minimizes Discreet Components for Reliability and Efficiency
  • Wireless Technology Installs Easily and Cost Effectively
  • Compatible w/All Interlogix 319.5MHz Control Panels and Receivers

Indoor Wireless Pet Immune SAW PIR Detector

Designed for use with all Interlogix control panels, the Indoor SAW Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detection Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered device that provides outstanding performance. Featuring advanced signal processing, this detection device is capable of eliminating the possibility of false alarms due to pets weighing up to 40 pounds.


  • Pet Immunity Signal Processing Prevents False Alarms for Homeowners w/Pets Weighing Up to 40 Pounds
  • Passive Infrared Detection Senses Movement Within a Room By Sensing the Infrared Energy (heat) Emission from a Person As They Move Across a Room
  • Low Battery Reporting Indicates When Batteries Need Replacing Before They Expire
  • Cover Tamper Switch Detects Potential Disablement or Damage to a Sensor By an Intruder
  • Wireless and Battery Powered Unit is Easy to Install
  • Fully Supervised Device Sends Signal Every 64 Minutes to the Security Panel to Ensure Uninterrupted Performance

1138T Series

Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts with Terminals

The 1138T Series contact is designed for window or door applications where surface mounting is preferred.


  • Attractive, Low-profile Design
  • Angled Terminal Blocks for Easy Installation
  • Tape or Screw Mounting

2200 Series

Overhead Door Magnetic Contacts
The 2200 Series overhead door magnetic contact is for use in the rigorous environments of commercial and industrial installations.

  • Miniature, Low-profile Design
  • Stainless Steel Armored Cable for Added Security, Reliability
  • Wide Working Gap for Overhead Doors
  • Small Size Less Likely to be Damaged by Forklifts
  • Aluminum Bar Stock Resists Corrosion in Harsh Environments
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Jacketed Lead Available
  • Fully Sealed Switch
  • Form C Unit Available


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