EDWARDS brand intelligent life safety systems offer the power
of high-end intelligent processing in configurations that deliver
uncomplicated solutions for small to mid-sized applications. With
intelligent detection, electronic addressing, automatic device

mapping, optional Ethernet® connectivity, and a full line of easilyconfigured
option cards and modules, these flexible systems offer
versatility that benefits building owners and contractors alike.
The iO64 provides one Class B intelligent device loop that supports
up to 64 device addresses, and two Class B Notification Appliance
Circuits (NACs). Optional Class A device wiring is available
with the use of a module.
The iO1000 provides one Class A or Class B intelligent device
loop that supports up to 250 device addresses. Loop controller
modules may be added in combination to expand total system
capacity in 250-point increments to up to 1,000 device addresses.
The iO1000 panel includes four NACs that may be wired for either
Class A or Class B operation.
The RZI16-2 module adds even more capacity to iO installations
by adding up to 16 conventional device circuits and two additional
notification appliance circuits. This makes them an ideal retrofit

solution that can accommodate new intelligent detectors, as well
as existing conventional devices.
iO Series supports a wide range of high-end features, including:
• Signature Series intelligent modules, detectors, and bases
• R-Series remote annunciators
• SIGA-REL Releasing Modules
• Fully integrated CO detection using Signature Series detectors
with or without audible signaling
• Auto-programming speeds installation time
• Supports Signature Series intelligent modules and detectors

• Combines the Signature intelligent releasing module with
Signature multisensor detectors for reliable fire suppression
• Form C contacts for alarm and trouble, Form A for supervisory
• Electronic addressing with automatic device mapping
• Optional Ethernet port for diagnostics, programming and a
variety of system reports
• Two programmable switches with LEDs and custom labeling
• Supports Genesis horn silence over two wires, and UL
1971-compliant strobe synchronization
• Class B or Class A wiring
• Ground fault detection by module
• Supports up to eight serial annunciators, (LCD, LED-only, and
graphic interface)
• Can use existing wiring for most retrofit applications
• Upload/download remotely or locally
• Two-level maintenance alert reporting
• Pre-alarm and alarm verification by point
• Adjustable detector sensitivity
• 4 x 20 character backlit LCD display
• Optional earthquake hardening: seismic Importance Factor 1.5
• Standalone operation
• Transmission test frequency by hour