EDWARDS Electromagnetic Door Holders are ruggedly con
structed and attractively designed. The housing is finished with an
aluminum color, durable baked polyester powder paint. The floor
or wall section houses the electromagnet while the contact plate
attaches to the door. The contact plate has a shock absorbing
nylon (swivel) ball which allows the plate to adjust to any door an
gle. Floor units are available in single-door or double-door (back to
back) versions. Wall units are available in flush or surface mounted
EDWARDS door releases should be installed wherever doors may
be effectively used to confine smoke and fire, or where the release
of a self-closing door from a remote location is desirable for other
Fail-safe operation is an inherent feature of EDWARDS door
holder-releases. If power fails, doors are released automatically but
may be opened or closed manually at any time. All units are free of
moving parts, are self-contained and require no maintenance.
These door holder-releases have a holding force of approximately
15 to 25 Lbf (66 to 111N). The device holds a door open while en
ergized. When de-energized by a relay controlled by the fire alarm
system or other switch, the door is released to a closed position,
checking the spread of smoke and flames. Electromagnetic door
holders should be used and installed in accordance with local
Building Codes and Standards.
Standard Features
Floor and wall mounted styles
Low power consumption
AC/DC models
Completely silent operation
25 Lbf (111N) nominal holding force
Adjustable, swivel contact plate
Basic Models
Floor Mounted:
The electromagnet portion consists of a floor plate and a floor
housing which when installed with gaskets provided, form a
weatherproof electrical junction box. Incoming conduit connects
directly into floor plate.
Floor mounted units are available with one (Cat. No. 1501) or two
(Cat. No. 1502) magnet faces for holding a single door or two
doors back to back.
Wall Mounted:
Wall mounted models are available in flush, semi-flush and surface
mounting configurations. Flush and semi-flush models are de
signed for concealed wiring applications and mount on standard
single gang (2 x 4 inch) outlet boxes. Surface mounted models
mount on a surface adaptor housing (junction box), which is