State-of-the-art access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility.
Access Control Starter Kits and Expansion Kits
Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from access control just as much as large enterprises. Our Access Control Starter Kits make it easy to get started while our Expansion Kits enable your access control system to grow as you do.
And that’s important because with access control from Kantech, you’ll be able to:
Save money by avoiding the need to re-key your entire facility every time an employee or tenant leaves
Improve your bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance
Reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high risk areasWhen you get one of our Access Control Starter Kits, you get every component required to build an effective and reliable access control system.
Readers, Keypads & Cards
ioProx™ Readers & Cards
With five ioProx readers to choose from, you will find one that’s right for your application. Their attractive, compact, weatherized and vandal-resistant design makes them suitable for installation in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Bioscrypt™ Fingerprint Reader with Integrated ioProx

The Bioscrypt FingerPrint Reader with Integrated ioProx prevents unauthorized access resulting from lost or stolen proximity cards by requiring that the fingerprint of the person requesting entry matches the credentials stored in the reader.

This two-in-one solution combines a self-contained fingerprint verification package with an embedded IoProx proximity card reader. The two technologies are housed together in a modern case that conforms to mullion mount standards and is designed for indoor use.The reader stores up to 4,000 templates per unit, performs verification, and provides standard reader connection in XSF ioProx format (Extended Secure Format) or 26-bit Wiegand format.
The Bioscrypt FingerPrint Reader is perfectly suited for applications where there is an existing ioProx reader system. The reader will use existing cards, but will verify user identity through fingerprinting before allowing access.
Electric Strikes & Locks
Electric Door Strikes
These commercial and industrial rated door strikes can withstand the traffic involved with access control applications. They are tested to 500,000 cycles.
These strikes are fail locked (fail-secure) for free exit applications. Do not use to control egress. Can be used with cylindrical, narrow line and mortise locks with centerline latch entry.
Electromagnetic Locks
These solid construction electromagnetic locks will provide years of maintenance-free operation. Dual voltage (12-24 VDC) operation and up to 680kg (1,500 lbs) of holding force fits most requirements.
The supervised option (SCS model only) provides lock status information (locked or unlocked) and will detect reduced holding force due to the presence of materials between magnet and armature, or power loss.